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Most home decor projects call for some kind of decorative trimming. Whether banding a cornice with crystal beading or simply adding tasseled tiebacks to your drapery, there is always room to add flair and fun to your home fashions with the choice of some coordinate fabric trimmings. Check out our guide to the types and styles of trimmings available from Melani's Moods.

Bead / Crystal Fringe: Made with glass or plastic beads, this fringe adds luxurious detail to window treatments or upholstered furniture.MM Blog Trimmings1

Boullion Fringe: A fabric skirt, combined with braided cord tails, boullion fringe lends a plush hand to any pillow.MM Blog Trimmings2

Brush Fringe: Tufted strands are lock sewn into a skirt, leaving a beautiful free hanging fringe reminiscent of paint brush bristles.MM Blog Trimmings3

Buttons / Rosettes: Available in any style and colorway imaginable, Trimming companies make beautiful buttons and rosettes to compliment trims, tassels and gimps on upholstery and drapery projects.MM Blog Trimmings4

Chairtie: From simple to ornate, Chairtie trim accomplished it’s namesake in style, securing cushions to chairs with braided cord and accouterments.MM Blog Trimmings5

Cord: Decorative cord is an essential trim that works equally well for classic or contemporary styles. It’s constructed from piles of yarn that are twisted together. When used as a seam, the cord has a tape sewn into the edge. In this application, cords are frequently used in place of welting.MM Blog Trimmings6

Gimp: A flat braided band of decorative material for sewing, embroidery and upholstery, gimp is made of wool, cotton, silk or synthetics, and is often stiffened with a metallic wire. Gimp can be used to conceal fasteners, cover edges, or provide a decorative accent.

MM Blog Trimmings8

Loop Fringe: Similar in style to a brush fringe, the yarns at the base of the loop fringe skirt are uncut and form the namesake loop. The bottom edge can be straight or scalloped.MM Blog Trimmings9

Tape: A simple or ornate finished strip of fabric that hides seams or joins fabrics together. Complementary patterns and colors can be chosen to ensure a sleek finished look.MM Blog Trimmings11

Tassel / Ball Fringe: From the foundation of a decorative gimp is hung tassels or chord balls at regular intervals. This fancy trim option can transform the ordinary window top treatment into a lavash focal point.MM Blog Trimmings13

Tieback: A piece of fabric or cord to pull drapery panels to the side of the window, tiebacks can be simple or ornate, with rosettes, tassels, cords and fabrics offering a wide variety of styles to choose from.MM Blog Trimmings12

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